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micro-saxo-phone. edition IV (KSE #257)

September 2013

Including sound sources from:
Choi Sun Bae, Micky Remann

“msp4  again also stretches out in my musical history as a side effect. I remixed some of my very first electrified sax solos taken from my LP “Plan Eden” (1986, Creative Works Records/CWR), and also recalled some takes of msp1 (2007, which was never released) in a composed mix together with takes from my guitar solo CD “Vorgang” (2004, Laubhuette Productions). The solos on “Plan Eden” once had been a pure first documentation of my extended sax language, and I see them being very well refreshed in this msp context. The album “Vorgang” is all about an expedition into extended guitar language, and the amalgam of acoustic guitar sounds & air, saliva, needle springs & keys’ percussion takes of the sax leads here to another horizon. Another layer of history comes in by a short remix of a live recording of the “duo weltoffen” together with liquid sound/underwater music specialist Micky Remann from 1980 where I used bass sax besides other tools.And there is a two year old duo with Korea’s free music/trumpet maestro Choi Sun Bae and myself on the Korean traditional double reed wind instrument, taepyeongseo, which in it’s quarter tone aspects brings us back to contemporary music in a kind of fake folk manner. But the majority of this album is of left handed sax impros where simultaneously I used a Kaoss Padd (with my right hand), connected to the sax by contact mic. There are also dubbed miniatures which I regard as being more of compository enriched quality.”  

Alfred 23 Harth, September 2013

Link to Kendra Steiner Editions (KSE)

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